St Anne's

North West

The St. Anne’s Enterprise Partnership (referred to as STEP) was formally established in 2015 to feed local views into the towns Local Strategic Plans. STEP work with members of the public services, local businesses, community groups and the voluntary sector organisations to create projects and arrange opportunities to improve community engagement. The Partnership acts as a strategic neutral party which links groups together, helps present their views and creates activities – in partnership with others – around issues that concern the health, economy, social environment or other social needs of St. Anne’s on the Sea businesses and residents.

As a Coastal Community Team, STEP has a bridging role across the Private and Public Sectors, engaging all to work together for the benefit of the town and local area. Member representatives, including statutory members can approach the STEP Project Board with any ideas, developing them as a partnership project and working together to seek the finance and resource to implement and see the idea through to fruition.

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