Morecambe Bay CCT

North West

Morecambe Bay is like nowhere else in the UK. It’s as invigorating as it is calming with spectacular natural beauty and a fascinating heritage. It’s an incredible internationally protected haven for wildlife and birds. It’s a landscape borne of its people and traditions. It’s a much-loved outdoor challenge.

The wealth of natural, historic and cultural assets are a driver for economic growth and an attractor for people to live, work and explore the area. They need to be managed carefully if they are to be sustained. We want the area to be a place that people choose to work, live and explore; a place that is buzzing, full of people who are proud to be there.

The Morecambe Bay Coastal Community team (CCT) is a local partnership that supports communities around the Morecambe Bay area to collaborate and address the challenges that they face to help build a stronger bay wide local economy. Founded by Morecambe Bay Partnership and South Lakeland District Council, it builds on over 2 decades experience of partnership working with local communities. The CCT will work alongside the four other CCTs that are operating in the Morecambe Bay area: Cleveleys CCT, Fleetwood CCT, Port to Promenade CCT and Bays of Barrow & Furness Peninsular CCT.

Contact: Richard Frank, Coastal Community Team Officer, Morecambe Bay Partnership,

Unit 19c, The Factory, Castle Mills, Aynam Road, Kendal, LA9 7DE - Tel: 01539 734888

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