Deben Peninsula

East of England

The Deben Peninsula is a beautiful tranquil place, attractive to visitors and home to a wide range of small businesses, many of which are tourism based. The Deben Peninsula CCT is working with these businesses and the community to identify, develop and implement initiatives that allow communities, businesses and local employment to thrive while remaining true to the special environment in which we live.

Whilst supporting and working alongside other local groups which champion the protection of the coastline, reducing the risk of flooding and protection of the Deben Estuary, the Deben Peninsula CCT is concentrating its efforts on supporting the local economy through tourism. The area is important for nature conservation, and heritage with un-spoilt natural habitats and national heritage sites including, the World’s First Operational Radar Station, Sutton Hoo, The Suffolk Punch Trust, an area used to test Barnes Wallace’s Bouncing Bomb and remnants of Napoleonic and Cold War defences, to name just a few.

Despite the offer the area only receives 160,000 visitors per year making the viability of its 4 public houses 2 cafes, 3 caravan sites, 8 B&Bs, 24 holiday lets and a number of roadside stalls offering wholesome home grown vegetables, fruit and other produce difficult.

The CCT is bringing together these businesses to work collaboratively in developing joint offers and promotions encouraging visitors to spend more money, stay longer and visit out of season.  

For more information on the Deben Peninsula Coastal Community Team please contact:

Peter Vadden - e-mail: - Tel: 07527 329793 / 01702 465656

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