Berwick Upon Tweed

North East

The Berwick Economic Plan 2017 has been developed by Berwick upon Tweed Coastal Community Team (BCCT) in response to the challenges and opportunities the town faces in early 2017.

The Berwick Economic Plan 2017 establishes a new unified plan for growth. Its aim is to enable Berwick to develop and sustain a quality of life offer for its current and future residents and to deliver a quality visitor experience. The Plan provides a platform to deliver a long-term, integrated and transformational programme focused on increasing economic productivity, investing in people, and ensuring Berwick is a vibrant and successful place for businesses, residents and visitors. This will secure the towns future prosperity at the centre of a successful borders community which reaches into both England and Scotland.

The BCCT believe that through the delivery of the Economic Plan Berwick can realise a future that better capitalises on existing resources, ensuring the existing economic base is more resilient to change, and exploits the opportunities brought by its connectivity, digital and physical, an improved skills base, enabling more knowledge based industries, and greater exploitation of existing cultural assets enabling the development of a more year-round, more sophisticated and more competitive tourism offer.

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