Amble Development Trust

North East

Amble commonly known as 'the friendliest port', lies at the mouth of the River Coquet. Set between SSSI and AONB sites, the town is now a popular place for holidays with its pleasant harbour, marina and proximity to beautiful beaches and many facilities.

The town grew from a small farming community in the nineteenth century as collieries opened. Its then newly built railway linked the Northumberland coalfields to the sea and it became a centre for the export of coal. Shipbuilding and repair industries developed as sea fishing expanded with the growth of the town. With the closure of mines came industrial decline and while the fishing industry continues, it too is depleted.

Due to the industrial heritage of the town it has taken many years to shake off long held perceptions of the grimy infrastructure. However investment has improved the general aesthetics of the town making it a prime location to capture the growing tourism staycation market and increasing overseas visitors looking for places of historical interest and outdoor activities.

Coastal Community Team partners share the vision of creating the infrastructure that will allow continuing change and inward investment, offer opportunities to inspire community aspiration in all age groups and be attractive to a diverse talent pool looking to relocate for lifestyle choice.

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