About the Coastal
Communities Alliance

About us

The National Coastal Communities Alliance is a partnership of coastal Local Authorities, coastal organisations and individuals with an interest in coastal matters.

In support of its priority of improving the quality of life and the standard of living for Lincolnshire’s coastal communities, Lincolnshire County Council formed the National Coastal Communities Alliance (CCA) in 2007 and provides its secretariat.

There is no subscription to participate in the CCA. Partners are requested to provide intelligence on the development of specific coastal activities and campaigns. Partners may also be requested/offer to lead on a specific coastal issue where they have the expertise and/or where the issue is a particular local concern, such as renewables, flood risk, deprivation and health.

The “vision” for the CCA is to offer a joint / united voice for coastal communities as collaborative working is stronger than individual working”

The CCA operates as a brokerage organisation with its objective to seek to ‘…build alliances and common purpose around the coast of Britain, with a particular focus on socio-economic challenges.’

The CCA has a well-established relationship with DCLG and worked closely on the development of the Coastal Communities Fund, recently the CCA has been requested to coordinate and lead the national Coastal Communities Teams program.

Mission Statement

Seeking to build alliances and common purpose around the coast of Britain, with a

particular focus on socio-economic challenges.

Our Priorities

  • Current barriers to economic growth (Physical infrastructure, skills and industry structure)
  • The threat of coastal inundation
  • Managing and exploiting the tourism legacy
  • The consequences of deprivation (health, neighbourhood/community cohesion and pressure on local services)
  • Lobbying and influencing on a national

Learn more about CCA, what we do and our projects.

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Bambi @BambiMannix

#FaceCake Version 2.0 showin’ up in #OCSouth for Massimo and Bryan!! Feels great to be 21 again 🙌🏻 #CoastalCa #OCShttps://t.co/FOM99hEwQ2

4 hours ago
Arend Macapagal @TMocapagal

The last time I did this WOD it took me over 8 minutes and today I shaved off some good time oh yeah 💪🏽 WOD Diane 2… https://t.co/r7iiIaww6Y

2 days ago
Jess Parker @tmobestjess

#SlowCookerSunday books are here!! Come see us at Otay and Eastlake! Ps – these are great gift ideas! #LetsGohttps://t.co/nQ04p7P5WR

2 months ago
LymeOnline @LymeOnlineUK

The Coastal Revival Fund has granted Lyme Regis Development Trust £24,500 to improve disabled access at The Hub… https://t.co/483bf2Mu5r

2 months ago
Britney Bergwitz @britbTmobbin

Had an amazing time cheering on everyone at our 2nd annual #ToysforTots Basketball game!!! Love being apart of a co… https://t.co/cTIUA123am

2 months ago
Jeremy Keene @JeremyKeene

#SeriousFun way to start a Sunday! Thank u to all who came out to support #Toys4Tots this morning! Can’t wait for t… https://t.co/ocWQOlWYwO

2 months ago
MorecambeBayP'ship @_MBay

Sounds like y’all would love to use this proposed Arnside viaduct link – greatly encouraged by many messages of sup… https://t.co/lqKOBlrTuQ

2 months ago
MorecambeBayP'ship @_MBay

£50,000 #coastalrevivalfund award to test cycle and walkway along Arnside Viaduct. Popular choice, could plug gap i… https://t.co/yZPBhUnNl0

2 months ago
MorecambeBayP'ship @_MBay

#CoastalRevivalFund @mhclg
Lots of messages of support from community. Let’s see what it will cost and whether we… https://t.co/AoGXCuZfGQ

2 months ago
MorecambeBayP'ship @_MBay

Talking with @BBC_Cumbria about the £50K award to test the case for an Arnside Viaduct cycling and walking crossing… https://t.co/d4eZBm30E5

2 months ago
MorecambeBayP'ship @_MBay

Today awarded £50K to test the impact of a walking cycling link alongside Arnside viaduct. An added attraction for… https://t.co/4FODfWSdh5

2 months ago
Rebecca Smith @r_j_smith1

Well done to the @plymouthcc Coastal Communities Team for securing almost £45k for the renovation of the Elizabetha… https://t.co/zCzrC5Gyfl

2 months ago
Weymouth & Portland @WPBCouncil

Great news to kick start the week! £50,000 has been awarded by central gov through @JakeBerry and his… https://t.co/OPwAtjzUcp

2 months ago
Jon @jiJonathon

To be clear the fund is £1m for 2019 and that’s to serve well over 24 desperate coastal communities. So a couple of… https://t.co/e3Q3s9eHSC

2 months ago
Jessica Barajas @jessbarajas9

Full day of serious fun! From cycling for a good cause to Magenta Madness! #ToysforTots #CoastalCA 💞🙌😬 https://t.co/XYyCepuv1L

2 months ago
WallaseyConstituency @wallaseyteam

New wayfinding signage for #NewBrighton #Wirral installed today. Perfectly fitting for a beautiful resort steeped i… https://t.co/pLbf1pdW2O

2 months ago
Jessica Barajas @jessbarajas9

Great meeting today with our Wireless Advocate partners! Ready to close out 2018 strong! 👊#SeriousFun #CoastalCAhttps://t.co/pG4gcL9brg

3 months ago
Lucas Johnson @TMobileLucas

Thank you for the opportunity to share and listen with my talented peers in San Diego! Great conversations about de… https://t.co/Sbq7DBclNi

3 months ago
Arc @arcteam

@MarcThompsonIOW @SandownBay You did an amazing job, chaps! Thanks for coming with me and Christine here from Sando… https://t.co/EO6xTJBNDI

3 months ago

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