About the Coastal
Communities Alliance

About us

The National Coastal Communities Alliance is a partnership of coastal Local Authorities, coastal organisations and individuals with an interest in coastal matters.

In support of its priority of improving the quality of life and the standard of living for Lincolnshire’s coastal communities, Lincolnshire County Council formed the National Coastal Communities Alliance (CCA) in 2007 and provides its secretariat.

There is no subscription to participate in the CCA. Partners are requested to provide intelligence on the development of specific coastal activities and campaigns. Partners may also be requested/offer to lead on a specific coastal issue where they have the expertise and/or where the issue is a particular local concern, such as renewables, flood risk, deprivation and health.

The “vision” for the CCA is to offer a joint / united voice for coastal communities as collaborative working is stronger than individual working”

The CCA operates as a brokerage organisation with its objective to seek to ‘…build alliances and common purpose around the coast of Britain, with a particular focus on socio-economic challenges.’

The CCA has a well-established relationship with DCLG and worked closely on the development of the Coastal Communities Fund, recently the CCA has been requested to coordinate and lead the national Coastal Communities Teams program.

Mission Statement

Seeking to build alliances and common purpose around the coast of Britain, with a

particular focus on socio-economic challenges.

Our Priorities

  • Current barriers to economic growth (Physical infrastructure, skills and industry structure)
  • The threat of coastal inundation
  • Managing and exploiting the tourism legacy
  • The consequences of deprivation (health, neighbourhood/community cohesion and pressure on local services)
  • Lobbying and influencing on a national

Learn more about CCA, what we do and our projects.

Join the conversation #CoastalTeams

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