National Coastal Tourism Academy links with China Tourism Academy

The National Coastal Tourism Academy (NCTA) and the China Tourism Academy (CTA) have entered into a new formal agreement to work together.

The two academies will work together on common tourism development issues and to share knowledge on the growth of tourism in the UK and China.

It follows the visit by a delegation from the China Tourism Academy to London in December 2015. 

Established in 2008, the CTA is a Chinese Government think tank, working with the country’s tourism industry and undertaking academic research.

Similarly, the NCTA is a Government-funded organisation which works with industry and academia analysing coastal tourism to help create employment and economic growth on the coast.

Initially, the two Academies will explore areas that may include:

  • Factors that influence visitor satisfaction to improve a visitor’s welcome and experience
  • Ways of making tourism intelligence more accessible for businesses and destinations
  • Strategies to make the best use of natural assets and ensure their sustainability
  • Training to meet specific market needs
  • The Improvement of information systems for visitors

NCTA Interim DirectorJason Freezer said: “There is considerable synergy between the two Academies and this is an excellent opportunity to share and explore common ground.”

“The CTA has four research institutes focusing on many of the issues we’re keen to examine further, some of which include tourism planning and development, visitor experience and international travel trends.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with the CTA to increase our understanding of future travel from the world’s fastest growing economy.”

Earlier this year China’s President Xi Jinping claimed that the total number of Chinese outbound tourists will reach 500 million by 2020. By January 2015 52 countries had offered visa-free or visa on arrival access to Chinese passport holders.  And Chinese tourists are increasingly discerning.

In April, the CTA issued a Satisfaction Survey Report on Outbound Tourism of Chinese Citizens for the first quarter of 2015 which shows a fall in the average level of satisfaction for Chinese tourists compared with three years ago.

The agreement was signed by Prof. Bin DAI, President of CTA, Dr. Yiliang, researcher of the CTA tourism economy lab, Dr. Zhongguang LI, senior researcher of tourism industry and enterprise institute of CTA and other members of the CTA staff.