Coastal Inquiry Report Launched - APPG for Coastal Communities

29 May 2024

APPG for Coastal Communities - Coastal Inquiry Report launch

The APPG for Coastal Communities has sought to raise the voices of coastal communities through an innovative Coastal Inquiry, whereby experts have delivered powerful presentations to Parliamentarians, challenging our preconceptions and understanding of the challenges faced, and presenting meaningful solutions. Each session has generated actions that Parliamentarians have been able to take away and immediately act upon to begin a process of change.


We know that our coastal communities hold the key to a more prosperous, blue minded and sustainable future for our country, but their untapped potential is being held back. The complexity of these communities, and their challenges, are not a burden but instead are the backbone of our future. 


Today we launch the Coastal Inquiry Report 2024 (attached) that collates all of the sessions held under the Coastal Inquiry banner to date, highlighting the many challenges, solutions and opportunities that these communities hold.

The APPG will be dissolved at midnight on the 29th May 2024