Coastal Cultural Network

13 May 2024

The Coastal Cultural Network has been re-established as a sub-group of the Coastal Communities Alliance

The Coastal Culture Network is an online platform established in 2017 by Magna Vitae and the Coastal Communities Alliance. It aims to connect arts and cultural organisations, sports and leisure partnerships, local authorities, Coastal Community Teams and other local groups that are interested in the role of culture in the health and well being in coastal locations. 

The initial network faced capacity issues and lost touch with many coastal communities, however, thanks to the Arts Council England National Portfolio funding that we secured in April 2023, we are committed to re-establishing connections with coastal communities across England. 

The CCN are eager to collaborate with other coastal partners to share their interest in coastal placemaking and to exchange best practice and learning. This will help us to improve best practice, but also to contribute to advocacy and policy documents that can create a wider influence and support the development, change and growth of our coastal towns. 

The Network has now met twice with the next meeting scheduled for July. If you would are interested in joining the partnership please complete the "contact us" form on the wider Coastal Communities Alliance Website