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A Profile of Deprivation in Larger English

There is a perception that the economies of English towns and cities which once thrived on seaside resort tourism have declined and are enduring high levels of deprivation as a result of people going abroad for their holidays. Such is the perceived extent of this decline that during the 2010 election campaign all three major political parties discussed the problems facing British seaside and coastal settlements. In this article the Office for National Statistics defines the 57 largest English seaside destinations in terms of resident population. These destinations are then analysed, put into the context of the national picture, using the English Indices of Deprivation for 2007 and 2010 to ascertain whether this widely held belief holds true. In particular, are the larger seaside destinations more deprived than the rest of England and if so how does that deprivation vary across destinations.

Further analysis on seaside destinations is in development for expected publication in 2014.

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