South West

Wadebridge is one of North Cornwall's main market towns and gateway to the Camel Trail, now the third largest attraction in the whole of Cornwall. Wadebridge has much to offer visitors of all ages and interests all year round with tourism providing an important source of income and employment for local people.  One of the earliest recorded mentions of the town of Wadebridge, was in 1313 when a market and two fairs were granted to Wade. At this time the town was in two parishes, Egloshayle and St Breock, either side of the river Camel. Travellers gave thanks at both sides after a safe crossing. From this time the town became known as Wadebridge.

The town has a rich engineering history which can still be appreciated today. Whilst the town still retains a working foundry, the Camel Trail follows the old railway line where walkers and cyclists can either travel to Padstow and the sea or wind their way inland through wooded valleys and the moor. The original railway commissioned by Sir William Molesworth was the third rail system to be built in the world.

Many people in the town have been supporting efforts to move the town to a low carbon energy economy turning energy from an individual cost into a collective asset. The town has myriad of clubs and societies for all tastes and interests and the CCT team have been developing an economic plan to support efforts to develop their cultural offering to attract additional visitor numbers as well as build social cohesion and seek to extract the maximum value from its energy economy for the benefit of local people.

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