Islands and Bays of Barrow and Furness

North West


At the southwest edge of the Lake District on the Irish Sea, Barrow is best known for its shipbuilding, its skilled labour force and the world’s largest collection of offshore wind farms. It is also well known for high levels of deprivation and health problems. What is little known though, is that Barrow comes top of all 325 English boroughs for the quality of its landscapes and the number of its nature reserves.

Our plan focuses on all possible ways of connecting our communities with the extraordinary natural, industrial and military heritage assets around our islands and bays, so that Barrow will finally be acknowledged nationally as a great destination to live and work.

Our starting point is a green infrastructure plan to support and enhance current business and social initiatives. This will shape a number of potential community led projects to make environmental improvements and new connections to existing greenspaces.

Our team, led by a local arts company, represents a diverse collection of organisations and individuals. So far over 20 stakeholder groups, ranging from the councils to employers, retailers to volunteer groups, health services to nature reserves, have been consulted with to develop the outline plan.

Contact Details: Maddi Nicholson, Director, Art Gene, 01229 825085


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