South Shields

North East

South Shields Riverside, Town Centre and Foreshore each fulfil a different but complimentary economic role to South Shields and each contributes to our ambition to be the North East of England’s premier coastal resort 365 days a year.

Collectively these three areas provide a broad and exciting offer of commercial, leisure, cultural and retail opportunities for residents, visitors and businesses. This mix gives South Shields a unique offer unrivalled amongst other coastal towns of a similar size in the North East.

Crucial to the future success is the need to knit these areas together and to ensure a seamless transition from one to another while still retaining their individual character and function. The Riverside, Town Centre and Foreshore must be viewed together if their long term sustainability is to be guaranteed. Understanding the character and function of these three areas and their economic relationships and interplay will be central to developing clear strategies for the future giving confidence and certainty.  Complementary to this will be the South Shields Coastal Team, building capacity within the various communities of interest and contributing towards the clear and concise aims of the peninsula.


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