East Midlands

Skegness is on the East Coast of Lincolnshire and is a traditional seaside resort which relies heavily on the tourism sector for employment. Skegness has all the seaside attractions and amenities you would expect to find in a UK seaside town, however we also have a wonderful stretch of natural coastline, which we are currently promoting more widely to appeal to out of season visitors, particularly walkers, cyclists and those interested in nature and the environment.

The Coastal Communities Team in Skegness has evolved from the Skegness Partnership, a community interest group, which has over the past 2 years developed a sound strategy and business plan. Strong partnerships have been formed with the business community and the statutory and voluntary sectors.

Our vision to go forward is based around extending the season, creating better business and inter-trading, strengthening the visitor economy and providing a high level of customer service and visitor satisfaction. Skegness is proud to be one of only two UK seaside resorts to have achieved World Host Customer Service Destination status.

We are now at the early stages of developing a TBID (Tourism Business Improvement District). We recognise that to remain as one of the UKs leading seaside resorts we need to attract further investment to promote growth and prosperity.

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