Sandown Bay

South East

A perfect curve, 5 miles of sandy beach, stunning natural landscapes and historic streetscapes, The Bay is home to 22,000 people and welcomes thousands more as visitors every year.  But at the same time DCLG Indices show The Bay amongst the most deprived areas in UK.

Shaping the Bay is finding ways to ensure that outstanding environmental, cultural and recreational assets become the new drivers of local economic regeneration, a sense of place that builds aspiration, supports enterprise and attracts investment. The Bay CCT is a creative partnership of local councils, businesses, arts practitioners, community groups and schools, together focussing on our three public infrastructures, green, blue and grey. Drawing on existing local action and injecting new ideas, we are uncovering and celebrating The Bay’s will to make and sustain positive change.  The timing is perfect, and essential – a collective voice to influence the 2016 Bay Area Action Plan (local plan), proposals for a Destination Business Improvement District (DBID), and the roll-out of Local Area Coordination in the Bay (My Life a Full Life).

The focus of the Shaping the Bay programme is three-fold…

  • A Regeneration Festival! Community consultation designed and delivered by local arts and education specialists, creating a vibrant snapshot of community ideas and aspirations.

  • A Regeneration vision for the Bay – a plan, prospectus and a toolkit.

  • Public realm projects in place for the moment the plan goes live…



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