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The Redcar & Coatham Coastal Community Team have a wealth of knowledge & experience from our individual business interests, working with the community & being residents of Redcar & Coatham. We're forming trusting working relationship with organisations, businesses & groups in our area, and are striving to secure further investment in our town. We would like to see further development of our seafront, seeing the businesses working together to enhance this space & encourage visitors to stay longer. We would also like to see more business engagement with support groups, whom offer a much needed life line to many service users, which also creates jobs & opportunities for the local community. A number of recent announcements have listed a number of big name acts coming to the town for events in the summer & we would like to continue this throughout the forthcoming year & beyond. We strongly believe if we have further economic development in Redcar & Coatham, more tourists will want to visit our up & coming coastal town. We're proud & passionate of our hometown, we have a vision to showcase this further, and to leave a lasting legacy for our future generation.

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