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The Porthcurno Coastal Community Team is an Enterprise Partnership bringing together a wide range of partners, focused on maximising the economic potential of world renowned cultural and heritage assets, set in the rich landscape of far West Cornwall, with the the cliffs and coastline around Porthcurno officially designated ‘Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty’.

The key priorities for the Porthcurno Coastal Community Team are to:

  • Focus on maximising the potential and opportunities that the valleys world renowned cultural and heritage assets can bring to the community, in social, economic and environmental terms.

  • Protect and maintain the natural environment currently acknowledged as a Designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in far west Cornwall.

  • Address some of the key challenges such as seasonality, transport, traffic management and facility infrastructure for visitors and residents.


The Coastal Community Team aims to balance the expansion of the local opportunity throughout the year, with the need to preserve those qualities which make the valley such a special place to live work and visit. Through initial Coastal Revival Fund investment the development of a Landscape and Infrastructure Plan will support the first stage improvement of key heritage and community buildings, trails, public areas and facilities.

Contact: pkrassoc@gmail.com

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