Chichester, Manhood Peninsula

South East

The Manhood Peninsula is a large peninsula of land to the south of Chichester. The name is thought to derive from the Anglo-Saxon maene-wudu meaning ‘common wood’ or 'common land'. It is one of the last relatively undeveloped stretches of coastline between Newhaven and Southampton. Selsey and East Wittering & Bracklesham parishes are the two main population centres on the peninsula.

A long term vision for the future allows Selsey and East Wittering & Bracklesham to develop as attractive areas for existing businesses, and to flourish as new business start-up centres outside the city of Chichester.

The Peninsula Coastal Economy Team, Chichester, is affiliated to the Manhood Peninsula Partnership, a nonprofit community led initiative providing a local forum bringing together key organisations concerned with climate change mitigation, economic regeneration and associated community issues.

The PCET projects involve:

  •  A comprehensive investigation into the feasibility, costs and implications of constructing a small harbour or haven for Selsey to generate economic opportunities for the town and provide fisheries protection.

  •  A report on demographics and employment development in Selsey and East Wittering & Bracklesham.


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