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Ilfracombe has faced many of the issues that other similar coastal towns have faced over the years, with the decline of traditional seaside holidays, and the changes in the way that people holiday.

Whilst Ilfracombe appears to have turned the corner in terms of regeneration with public and private investment in the town and surrounding areas, the issues are now the inequalities between major areas of the town, the seasonal nature of the economy, and the maintenance of its heritage assets.

With these issues in mind, the aims of the Ilfracombe Coastal Community Team (ICCT) will be to balance the regeneration of Ilfracombe across the area, support the retail sector throughout the town, overcome seasonal fluctuations through the creation of a year-round offering, promote and safeguard the areas heritage assets.

The creation of ICCT will enable different groups and agencies involved with the town to work together to tackle the aims outlined above, and deliver solutions such as better pedestrian signage, raising funding for a Town Centre / Marketing Manager, link the cultural attractions to the town (museum and theatre), raise the standard of the retail offering, market the town to increase visitor numbers and drive footfall.

Contact Details:

Sarah Hiscock, One Ilfracombe, The Ilfracombe Centre, 44 High Street, Ilfracombe, EX34 8AL

01271 855300 -

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