Herne Bay

South East

The Herne Bay Coastal Community is an independent group of trustees and an alliance of community groups, business groups, youth and people’s councils who can  input to and steer Herne Bay’s future with the support of central government, our local authority and the new Coastal Communities Alliance.

Herne Bay has been chosen as one of 119 new Coastal Communities in the UK giving us access to special funding for regeneration which will boost our town’s economy and enhance the fabric of Herne Bay. It will bring together the many dedicated and valued community groups, local businesses, charities and individuals who will shape the future of our town. It’s all about YOU, the people and OUR community. Your views, opinions, aspirations and participation are vital.

There is no compulsion for any group or individuals to work with the Herne Bay Coastal Community but we hope that the benefits of doing so will be self-evident.  However, it is true that for many grant funding applications, the sanction of the Coastal Community will be required.  All local community groups, businesses, charities, residents associations etc. may become associate members and any individual or group is entitled to stand for election as a trustee.

Herne Bay Coastal Community, Kent Enterprise House, The Links, Herne Bay, CT6 7GQ

Telephone: 01227 844512 or Email: Contact@hernebaycoastalcommunityteam.org

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