Hayle, Cornwall

South West

Hayle is a coastal town on the north coast of Cornwall just 17 miles from Land’s End. Once an active port servicing copper and tin mines and shipping the steam engines made by the world-leading Harvey & Co., Hayle is now a World Heritage Site but post-industrial and in need of regeneration through the creation of quality employment.

Four years ago, Hayle was selected to be the home of Wave Hub, the first off-shore test site for wave power generation capable of full power, real world conditions. We now have a Marine Renewables Business Park and the opportunity to build on this – but the harbour is in need of substantial renovation in order to make it a viable port for Wave Hub service vessels.

Our Coastal Community Team is led by the Hayle Harbour Advisory Committee, set up under the 1989 Hayle Harbour Act to act as a stakeholder body for the harbour. With over 24 members representing all interests in the harbour it is well placed to make decisions on how to regenerate the harbour with a view to creating jobs and supporting local businesses and we have formed a CCT subcommittee to carry the project forward.

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