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The Fleetwood Coastal Community Action Plan has been prepared by the ‘Fleetwood Together’ team – a mix of public, private, community partners and volunteers all committed to action and making a difference.

Fleetwood is a traditional Victorian seaside resort in the borough of Wyre situated on the Fylde Coast peninsula to the west of the River Wyre and the north of Blackpool in Lancashire, North West England.

Its geographical location, coupled with its urban heritage and proximity to the sea, make it a town attractive to visitors. The Blackpool to Fleetwood Tramway runs through the heart of the town centre and attracts many people to Fleetwood visiting the wider Fylde Coast.

Like many coastal towns Fleetwood faces a double whammy, not only due to seasonal trade fluctuations and declining tourism, but because it effectively has a catchment area which is 50% seawater due to its peninsula location.

Much of Fleetwood’s regeneration funding to date has been invested along its spectacular seafront http://www.wyre.gov.uk/info/200305/council_and_decisions/866/five_for_fleetwood

It is now time to focus on the town centre.

However the action plan must be seen in the context of wider proposals for the medium and long-term which are to be developed during 2016 subject to ongoing engagement.

The overarching ambition and vision is to celebrate and promote Fleetwood pride and showcase Fleetwood’s unique selling points and heritage along its coastline and throughout the town centre.

Work in 2016 will also involve this team forming part of Fleetwood Town Council’s wider ‘Team Fleetwood’ partnership and they will be responsible for further development of the Action Plan.

The Key Strategic Initiatives of the plan are:-

  • Support and develop the coastal community team

  • Improve the appearance of town centre shops

  • Provide a mutually supportive business environment

  • Improve local skills and employment opportunities

  • Support the tourism/visitor economy

  • Improve community resilience

  • Ensure quality infrastructure

  • Identify and secure funding to deliver action plan




Karen Stringer, Senior Economic Development Officer
Email: karen.stringer@wyre.gov.uk
Tel 01253 891000

Kathryn Oakes, Planning & Economic Development Support Officer
Email: kathryn.oakes@wyre.gov.uk
Tel 01253 891000

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