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The Dorset Coast Forum team have established a group that is the Dorset CCT – their area covers from Weymouth to Christchurch but also will be provide the overarching economic plan for the Dorset coast. There are 5 CCTs in Dorset and we are lucky enough that the whole area of the Dorset coast is covered from Lyme Regis to Christchurch – this is the only example of this in the country.

The five Coastal Community Teams in Dorset are:

  • Dorset Coastal Community Team (DCCT)

  • Lyme Regis & Charmouth Coastal Community Team (LCCCT)

  • Weymouth Coastal Community Team (WCCT)

  • Portland Coastal Community Team (PCCT)

  • Bridport & West Bay Coastal Community Team (BWCCT)


The five CCT’s will support each other, share information and best practice and have agreed:


  • To use the template for an economic plan issued by the DCLG so that they will be easily comparable and work in synergy with each other

  • To stay in contact and meet when necessary to support each other and share information and best practice

  • The Dorset Coastal Community Team will cover the areas not already covered by the other teams and will have an economic plan for each local area to fit in with the other teams economic plans for their area. This will then link into an overarching economic plan for the Dorset coast which links to the Western Growth Corridor Strategy and Dorset LEP plan.

  • Whilst respecting that each area has different issues, the CCT’s propose to work together on any common themes that may come out of the economic plans




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