Deal and Sandwich

South East

The Deal and Sandwich Coastal Community Team is located within the District of Dover, in East Kent.

Deal and Sandwich lie just 3 miles apart along the coast. They are both ancient towns and share a rich and extremely significant maritime history.

The rural surrounding areas include orchards and hop gardens for which the Garden of England is famous,  sitting alongside less well known but no less significant landscapes which were shaped by the discovery of coal and the establishment of the East Kent Coalfields, and the subsequent economic and physic impact of the closure of the pits in the late 1980s.

The Deal and Sandwich Coastal Community Team will put this area of East Kent on the map, putting the heart and soul back into historic Deal and Sandwich, and the surrounding rural and coastal areas, developing new employment opportunities, improving skills and creating vibrant town centres, with thriving high streets linked to attractive promenades, seafronts and riversides.

  • A protected future for our heritage assets.

  • A first choice year round destination for a diverse range of visitors.

  • Vibrant and ‘living’ town centres

  • Healthy and active Communities of all ages, who are connected to their rich local heritage

  • A well skilled local workforce, attracting new businesses and enterprise to the area.


Contact details :

Chair - Neil McCollum  -

Project Manager – Rachel Collins –

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