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The North Norfolk coast is a phenomenal asset. The eroding geology is exposing important secrets, from entire Mammoths to the world’s earliest footprints. The ‘Deep History Coast’ is something that interests all. From children and families learning about coastal geology and expert palaeontologists seeking evidence of how society evolved, this narrative will help the area gain widespread recognition.

The Deep History Coast – Coastal Community Team will comprise a wide range of organisations from Cromer and local coastal communities; however, because of the (national) significance of this project, it will also include interested parties from beyond the locality. The challenge for the Team will be to use and develop the ‘Deep History Coast’ brand to establish visitor attractions, accelerate visitor numbers across all seasons and elevate the area’s profile to grow and attract investment opportunities. Recommended actions and projects ideas will be embodied in the Economic Plan to be produced at the end of January 2016.

Contact: Rob Young, Head of Economic & Community Development,

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