South East

Medway is a great place to be. With a population of 270,00 it is the largest conurbation in the south east outside London.  It has excellent transport links to London and Europe, including a fast HS1 service to St Pancras International and Eurostar services from Ebbsfleet International.  Chatham is Medway’s retail and cultural heart, and the town centres of Rochester, Strood, Gillingham and Rainham all have very different, and complementary, characteristics.

By 2035 Medway will be a waterfront city of 330,000 people, with Chatham as its civic, cultural and retail core and the river as a focal point.  Strood, Rochester, Gillingham and Rainham will be thriving district and local centres, connected by land and water.  There will be a diverse mix of high quality housing, set in a heritage-rich landscape, with fast and efficient transport systems.  Medway will be known nationally and internationally as a centre for business innovation, learning and creativity; a modern city which values its historic foundations.

Contact: Fran Toomey, Head of Regeneration and Economic Development:

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