Canvey Island

East of England

Canvey Island has a population of approximately 38,000 people who care passionately about ‘their island’ and love it as a place to live.  In the last decade Canvey has seen significant investment in public facilities on the island although there is still much to be done.  At the same time the seafront is undergoing a renaissance as it adapts from a former holiday destination to a family friendly day-tripper destination.  The public, private and voluntary sectors are all playing their part in the seafront transformation.

Canvey has a real opportunity to reinvent itself and create a new era of opportunity for residents, visitors and businesses.  Just a short travel time from Southend and easily accessible from London, Canvey has the potential to position itself as a family-friendly day-trip destination.  Canvey seafront provides a particularly relaxed destination for younger families compared to some of the larger coastal centres.

Whilst much has been delivered already on the Island, there remains a significant need for further targeted investment on the bespoke needs of Canvey.  The establishment of the Island Team will respond to this need.  With four sub-groups focused on the opportunity areas of the Community, Seafront, Town Centre, and Flooding, the Team will be able to take action to deliver impactful outcomes. The make-up of these teams includes representatives from across the community with the ability, skills and expertise to inform and deliver the work of the group.

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