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Mission statement for Bude Coastal Community Team:  A Coastal Community Team striving to maximise economic, social, educational and environmental benefits for the Bude-Stratton area via community partnership and collaboration.

In March 2018, BCCT was re-structured to facilitate closer collaboration with both Bude-Stratton Town Council and Cornwall Council.  New terms of reference were adopted and a strengthened steering group formed.

While in many respects Bude thrives as a traditional Cornish seaside town, with unique heritage assets and a history of many inspirational initiatives, there are challenges facing the local community, eg the number of quality jobs; remoteness of Bude from FE provision; limited public transport links; many small home-based businesses; a skewed demographic profile with significant younger and older residents.

BCCT’s aim is to begin revitalising the area by becoming a linking mechanism, connecting people and services, whilst inspiring a “Stronger Together” work ethos.  Words that will be used frequently include partnership, collaboration, cooperation and networking, with a huge bias on involvement.

As at March 2018 work is progressing with re-drafting our Economic Plan and putting new procedures in place to help achieve our aims.

Contact information:  John Gimson (01288 350000 or contact@budecoastalteam.org.uk)

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