Coastal Regeneration Handbook

This book is born of a desire by the Coastal Communities Alliance (CCA) to maintain and extend the national debate on how to address the complex social and economic problems that are associated with English coastal resorts.

As such, it is very much work in progress, and the debates that are generated here will be continued on the CCA website to create a resource for organisations concerned about the future of England’s seaside resorts.

DEFRA National Coastal Pathfinder

Through the DEFRA National Coastal Pathfinder Lincolnshire County Council was awarded a grant to undertake some pilot works and research studies into coastal issues.

Wood Holmes and Optimal Economics were commissioned to develop an evidence-based economic model and study of the Lincolnshire Coastal Economy with the intention that the methodology behind the model’s development might potentially be rolled out to other coastal areas of the UK.

Fundamentally, the aim of the study was to establish why businesses are on the coast, and what it would mean to their business if economic development on the coast was substantially reduced, either as a result of coastal flooding, macro-economic conditions or other policy intervention.

Specifically the study aimed to:

  • Gain a better understanding of local businesses, including why businesses locate on the coast and what they need to survive
  • Build on established baseline data to provide a more detailed local picture of business.
  • Develop a clear economic model methodology exemplifying business imperatives

The EXECUTIVE Summary can be downloaded – HERE (Pdf)