A nationwide tour of creative workshops and free public screenings of opera

Magna Vitae aims to enable more people to be physically and culturally active, more often.

As a Charitable Trust serving East Lindsey Magna Vitae provides a range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to lead a great life. It aims to sustain a thriving culture and leisure business encouraging innovation and expansion to maximise opportunities for the community. Magna Vitae is a Partner to East Lindsey District Council.

School Projects

Within each of the areas where Opera for All delivers activity, the project leads to intensive work in schools. Workshops are always practical, age appropriate, and challenge the students to work creatively together.

A team of four professional artists may work with group of students In collaboration with the local Music Hub or Arts Organisation across these areas.

Community Projects

Opera for All often works alongside an established festival across the areas where we work. As well as the Big Screen of the opera, we also run sessions for the local public and community groups. Workshops are led by a Music Director, a Director and a professional singer. They are informal, participatory, and all inclusive, providing an introduction to the music and storyline of the opera being screened. Sessions may be over the course of a few evenings in partnership with an existing local performing group, or may be as part of local community activity on the screening day.

Coastal Network Cultural Forum

As part of the partnership with the Coastal Communities Alliance, Opera for All is supporting the development of a new forum for coastal Local Authorities and organisations. The Coastal Network Cultural Forum will host regular sessions for CCA members to discuss many shared agendas around cultural provision. It will be a space to consider collaborative ventures and find solutions to shared challenges.

The forum is open to any member of the CCA and is free of charge.

  • Further information coming soon

Watch the Opera Live on… Skegness Beach

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