Coastal Arts & Opera

A tour of free opera screenings and cultural participation

With particular focus on isolated coastal communities, Opera for All works in collaboration with local authorities and cultural organisations across Thanet, Grimsby, Skegness and Somerset. The programme delivers free public screenings of performances from Garsington Opera, alongside a wider programme of participatory learning sessions for schools and adult groups aiming to promote, develop and sustain cultural opportunity in each area.

Opera for All is a partnership between Garsington Opera, the charitable trust Magna Vitae, and the Coastal Communities Alliance, and is supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund.

What is Opera For All?

Spotlight on Thanet 2016

An insight into one of our partnership programmes in the coastal region of Thanet last year.  This short film by Looping the Loop captures the thinking, creativity and the impact of cultural engagement among young people aged 8 – 18 across #Margate, #Broadstairs and #Ramsgate in 2016.  We look forward to continuing activity in the area in 2017 as we extend the workshops to more schools and communities in the area.

Garsington Opera

Garsington Opera gives performances of great artistic quality in a setting of extraordinary natural beauty in Buckinghamshire. In partnership with Magna Vitae, Garsington Opera was commissioned in 2015 by the Arts Council England to deliver an exciting programme of free opera across the country.

The programme offers people the opportunity to see opera for the first time. It supports high-quality learning and cultural experience through participatory workshops for all ages, facilitated by professional artistic teams.

Magna Vitae

Magna Vitae aims to enable more people to be physically and culturally active, more often.

As a Charitable Trust serving East Lindsey Magna Vitae provides a range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to lead a great life. It aims to sustain a thriving culture and leisure business encouraging innovation and expansion to maximise opportunities for the community. Magna Vitae is a Partner to East Lindsey District Council.

Arts Council England

Many areas of England provide few opportunities to attend and participate in the arts. They may be geographically isolated or suffer from a lack of local artists and arts organisations.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience and be inspired by the art, so we want to transform the opportunities open to people in these places.

Coastal Opera

As a membership organisation, the Coastal Communities Alliance (CCA) provides a shared network of support for local authorities and organisations across coastal areas of the UK which face socio-economic challenges.

As part of it’s vision, the CCA works with Opera for All to support the network of cultural provision in coastal areas, and plays an important role in identifying Opera for All’s areas of delivery and strategic partnership.

Photographs courtesy of: Sim Cannetty Clarke

Watch the Opera Live on… Skegness Beach on Saturday 2nd July @ 12.30pm

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